Why Don’t Kids Play Outside Anymore??

Have you ever noticed that kids would rather play with electronics then go outside and play? The other day my three said they were really board so I decided to set up an arts and crafts table in our dining room so they could create something fun. I saved 3 oatmeal containers, the ones that are tall and round. I told them these would be perfect piggy banks and they could decorate them however they want. I got out garbage bags and split them open to cover the entire table. I found our markers, crayons, glitter, feathers, foam cutouts and pipe cleaners. Then I grabbed the glue and fun scissors. There was the table, full of all kinds of crafty things for them to go nuts and decorate their piggy banks. I must have spent 30 minutes getting everything ready and setting it all up. The kids looked so excited, they sat down and just dug right in. I thought while they were doing their crafts I would get a chance to relax, so I sat down on the couch and started watching one of my favorite tv shows. Not even 2 minutes later I hear my two youngest ones fighting over the glue. I get up, go over there and resolve the argument, come back to the couch and finish watching my show. It’s all quiet, finally! I got to watch a whole 2 or 3 minutes before my son comes in the room and says “I’m done!”. It was a mess, just random stuff glued on all over the place, not really decorated but more just stuff thrown on there. He then says “now what can I do?” I’m thinking are you serious!?! I just spend a half hour getting all this stuff ready for you and now you’re bored already? I told him to go back to the table and make it really nice but the girls were done now too and they all wanted to watch t.v.
I remember when I was 6 or 7 I couldn’t wait to go outside to play, to ride my bike, swing on a swing set or to jump rope. Now the only thing my kids seem to want to do is watch t.v, play video games or go on the computer. I’ve had to force them outside a few times just to get them into some fresh air. I have also had to put a limit of 1 hour a day on any electronic use, whether it be tv, games or computer. I have also started “family game night” so every Wednesday we have everyone come together and play a different game each week. I know this might only last a few more years before they are not interested in hanging out with their parents but I’ll take what I can get now.


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