A Classic Car Burns The Ground

1969 Corvette Burns in Kitchener Fire

My father recently passed away and part of the will was his 1969 Corvette.  This car was his baby, he only drove it in the summer time and kept it in the garage all winter.  He always said that when he died he wanted to be buried in it.  He never let anyone drive it either, I never got to drive it!  The plan was to sell the car and use the money for my kids college education but one phone call destroyed all of that.  My grandfather was attempting to take it out of the garage and clean it up so it would be ready to sell.   We don’t know the details of what happened but he said he connected the battery and after a couple minutes the a flame came from the engine so he ran out of the garage.  The car just burned for god only knows how long before the firemen put it out.  This was devastating and heartbreaking.  I’m at the point where I couldn’t care less about the money, don’t get me wrong it would have been nice to be able to give that to my kids but I’m so upset that my dad’s car…the car he has had forever is gone.  Even though he passed away I liked the idea that his car would still be out there and I would see it time to time when I was in Canada.   I guess he got his wish, no one will drive it and it will be his forever!

CTV News:

Residents of a Kitchener apartment building had quite the scare Saturday morning as flames shot up from a garage on the ground floor.

It happened it a low-rise apartment complex on Kinzie Avenue near Weber Street East after a vintage Chevy Corvette burst into flames and the fire spread to other parts of the building. Kitchener Platoon Chief Greg Willett says “It was started up today, and when the occupant started it up, it went on fire in the engine compartment.” A few of the neighbours tell CTV News the Corvette was in storage for a number of years, and the car was a regular sight in the warmer months.

The wrecked American classic became the focus of many smartphone cameras, as residents waited outside. Bonnie Worsley says she’s not looking forward to what they’ll see when they get back in. “We’re right across the hall from the door. I’m assuming we’re going to have some damage too.” Fire officials say there were no injuries in the blaze, and they’ll be continuing with their investigation. Residents were let back into their apartments later in the day.

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