Accident Prone- Bee stings and Cuts

I must be the most accident prone person I know. Two weekends ago I got stung by a bee in between my fingers and it got all swollen and then it got infected. Earlier this year I put my hand through a glass window and sliced my wrist all up.  My dog banged into the door, which is on a spring so it started to slam shut. I was standing right next to the door so I put my hand up to stop it but I ended up hitting it too hard and put my hand right through the glass.

The one thing my grandma taught me to do when you get stung is to wet an aspirin until it gets soft and then rub it into the sting, it takes about 60 seconds and then the pain is almost completely gone. You then should get cortisone cream and put a thick layer on it and cover with a band aid for the first day and then re-apply for the next couple days until it doesn’t itch or hurt anymore.

Here is what some others do…..

-Make a paste of meat tenderizer and water or baking soda and water–apply to bite area.

-Sprinkle the bite area generously with baking soda then drizzle some drops of vinegar over the baking soda to make it fizz. Leave on the bite until pain is gone.

-Make a thick paste of meat tenderizer and vinegar, apply to bite area.

-Cover the bite with honey and reapply as needed for pain.

-Dab with a generous amount of toothpaste and leave on the bite area.

-Apply ice or an ice pack.

-Apply Aloe Vera.

-Crush fresh parsley and apply to bite area.

-Crush fresh basil leaves and apply to bite area,

-Dab a bit of deodorant on the bit

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