Movie Review: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

Blamed for the terrorist bombing of the Kremlin, IMF operative Ethan Hunt is disavowed along with the rest of the agency when the President initiates “Ghost Protocol”. Left without any resources or backup, Ethan must find a way to clear his agency’s name and prevent another attack. To complicate matters further, Ethan is forced to embark on this mission with a team of fellow IMF fugitives whose personal motives he does not fully know.  Release Date: December 21st, 2011
My Review:
It’s another Mission Impossible movie!! I was really excited when I saw the previews for this because I’ve always loved all the MI movies.  I actually really hope it turns into the bond movies. If they could keep the story lines exciting, I would love to see one of these every year or two.  Personally I think Tom Cruise is a bit of a nut job in real life but as an actor, I will watch anything he is in.  A lot of the times you will find that the second, third or even fourth movie of a series gets worse as they are written or produced.  You do have some that can survive no matter how many come out like ” The Godfather”  “007” or Mission Impossible!  I actually think they have started to get better as they are released because the 3rd and 4th MI movies have been my favorite ones.  I love that they have Benji as one of the main character, he keeps the movie light and funny so it’s not so serious the entire time.  Jeremy Renner plays a supposed “analyst”, who has all the talent and skills as an agent. He has a secret but you’ll have to watch the movie to find out what his story is.  Paula Patton who plays Jane is a bad ass chick that can kick the crap out of a guy twice her size!  Speaking of that, this movie has a really good girl fight.  Not this BS where they are pulling each others hair or bitch slapping each other.  This is full on guy-like fighting. I love it!  The other thing I have always loved with these movies is how they use all this crazy technology and disguises to help them on their mission.  In Ghost Protocol, Tom is doing most of his own stunts which is crazy because one of his scenes requires him to climb on the side of the worlds tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.  So, you’ve got the worlds tallest building, a sand storm, people in disguises, car chases, girl fights, a lot of ass kicking action and of course the fate of the world comes down to the last 3 seconds…..dun dun duuuun!!!  what else would you want in a movie?  I recommend this to anyone who has seen the first 3!
My Rating: A-

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