Movie Review: Colombiana (2011)

Cataleya is a young woman who has grown up to be an assassin after witnessing the murder of her parents as a child. Turning herself into a professional killer and working for her uncle, she remains focused on her ultimate goal: to hunt down and get revenge on the mobster responsible for her parents’ deaths.  Release Date: August 26th, 2011
My Review:
Zoe Saldana is one of my favorite female actors.  She may not be a big, huge star but ever since I saw her in Center Stage, I’ve loved her.  Their are some female leads that can’t pass for an ass kicking chick but I think she does a great job of portraying that in this movie.  I think the story line was your typical assassin movie, their is always someone that is hunting the guy that killed their loved one.  In this case it’s her father, she witnesses him being murdered in front of her.  They don’t delay a lot of the movie filling in back history, you get right into it within the first 10 minutes.  Zoe has a pretty cool jail scene in the beginning and she has Michael Vartan as her love interest!!  Overall if you’re looking for a decent movie to pass the time then this one will do the trick! It’s not going to win any awards but it was entertaining!
My Rating: B

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