Vacation: Day 8 (The Movies)

Matt and I have been trying to figure out what we want to do on our last day. We had planned on going to the Aerial Tram and also Knott’s Water Park while we were here but now we don’t really feel like going to either. We’ve seen so many different types of mountains on our drives that it seems like the Tram would be a waste of money. As far as Knott’s Water Park, well it didn’t get great reviews and honestly I don’t like really big water parks…too many people….to many screaming kids. So we decided to just wait and go to the water park at home and then maybe just go to a different mountain and do some shopping.

I found a place called Joshua Tree and it looks really cool so we are planning on doing that tomorrow. Since we will be gone most of the day tomorrow I told Matt I’d like to hang out around the hotel or maybe go see a movie here in town. We went down by the pool for about an hour and then the heat was too much so we came back up and got ready to see a matinee movie. We stopped at Panda Express for lunch. We had looked up movie times and saw that Horrible Bosses was playing and we both had really wanted to see that after watching previews. The movie theater was so nice. Very clean, the seats were new with folding down cup holders so you could cuddle if you wanted to 🙂 Before we went in Matt stopped at the arcade to try his hand at the claw game, he was trying to win an iPod shuffle. No such luck. I saw a photo booth and begged Matt to come in with me. The last time we saw one at the mall, he REFUSED to go in it. He said it was dangerous, which I don’t get but this time he said yes. Of course it wasn’t working so I just used my own camera and put my own photo strip together.

The movie was hilarious, so many funny scenes and all the actors were so good in it. Jennifer Aniston was CRAZY and it was fun to see her in a different type of role. After the movie we pretty much were wiped out. The sun really makes you exhausted and sleepy. We watched some t.v and then Matt and I went out on the patio to watch the sunset. We went to bed kind of early because we were planning on getting up early the next morning. I’m kind of sad and happy that our vacation is almost over. I’m starting to get a bit homesick but at the same time it’s so pretty here and I don’t have to work while I’m on vacation…lol

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