Vacation: Day 7 (poolside)

Today was the first day Matt slept in. He didn’t get up till about 10:30am, which would be 1:30pm our time. I’m glad my body isn’t really too use to this time still because it will be so much easier to go back to Eastern time when I’m home. When we got up we were trying to figure out what we were going to do today. We were both exhausted from all the stuff we’ve done over the last week so we decided to just stay at the hotel and do nothing pretty much. We had breakfast or brunch I guess in the room and then went down to one of the pools. It was about 104 degrees out and when it’s that hot out it feels soooo good to jump into a pool. The only thing that’s bad about the heat here is that we can only stay in the sun for about 10 minutes before we felt like a piece of fried chicken. It’s funny to watch actually because we both would lay on our back and then after 10 minutes jump in the pool. Then get out and lay on our stomachs, wait 10 minutes and jump in again. We just rotated like this until we couldn’t handle it anymore sun.

We also went to the quiet pool but but it was definitely not quiet. There was a family there and they had about 5 kids with them, then another couple walked in with 3 more kids. They were all laughing, screaming, jumping around, splashing….now normally this is what you do at a pool but there are signs that specifically say you can’t do that at this pool, hints the QUIET pool. There are 4 other pools at this resort that they can go to. Matt and I were starting to get irritated because we had just left the last pool because of all the noise and we wanted to relax but that wasn’t happening here. I felt kind of bad but I called the hotel front desk and told them there were some people down at the pool that needed a reminder to be quiet.

By the time we got back to the room it was 4ish, we got ready to go out to dinner but we started watching t.v for a bit because we weren’t really hungry. We ended up just going to get some food to bring home and cook ourselves and then stayed up watching movies and then just went to bed. Kind of a boring day but we needed a day to just relax.

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