Vacation: Day 6 (Big Bear Lake)

Today we got up a little later than usual….finally! Matt made bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast along with some O.J. We packed up and headed to Big Bear Lake. It was about an hour and a half drive through more mountains. I wanted to go to this town in particular because the last day trip we took we went through more desert type mountains and this place was higher up and the mountains were bigger and more colorful. The drive was really pretty and the roads were 10x more windy than the last trip. Matt kept saying he felt like he was driving a go cart because we would go left around a corner and then immediately go right around another corner and it was like that for about 20 miles. We stopped a bunch of times to take pictures of the surrounding and stretch our legs. When we finally got to the town we parked at one end and started going into all the little shops. Everything was bear…something. Bear reality, teddy inn, bear books, it was so funny.

We got some post cards and then walked to the end of the town where the post office was to mail them. Right next to it was a park bathroom so I went in and was kind of shocked. Their were only 2 stalls and they had no doors. It was just one wall that was about 6ft high dividing the two, so I went to the last one so no one could see me and then 2 seconds later a lady walked in and I froze. She just stood there and she was thinking the same thing as me. If she went to the bathroom next to me then when I left I would have to walk right past her and I would see her going to the bathroom. Who ever thinks this stuff up must be an idiot, I know guys pee right next to each other but women don’t do that and wouldn’t want to do that.

We started walking back but wanted to get some lunch before leaving. We stopped at a little pizza place, she told us to just seat ourselves and she would be right with us. We sat there waiting for her to come over but after 5 minutes we just got up and left. We went across the street to a little place called Teddy Bear Restaurant. It was really small but quaint. She got us seated and got our drink order right away. I had a club sandwich and Matt got a Ruben. The plates were huge and soooo good! Matt was reading the local paper and read something about a local zoo just down the road. They had grizzles and black bears and a few other animals that we didn’t get to see at the Living Desert. It was really cheap so we went there after lunch. The place was not really a zoo it was more of a rescue and rehabilitation center, it was very small and outdated but it kind of made it more fun. We went right over to the bears. There were 3 grizzles in one enclosure and the two males were playing around and kind of fighting with each other. A couple times they got really close to the fence. Then down a bit was a huge bison and then another 3 black bears all together. One of them only had 3 legs that they rescued and we saw 9 wolves that were all from the same pack. They had eagles, deer, mountain lions, all kinds of owls and they were all rescued animals. We started heading down the mountain, back to the hotel. We were both so tired that we just decided to eat a frozen pizza cause we didn’t have any energy to actually make something.

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