Vacation: Day 5 (The Living Desert)

Today we went to The Living Desert, Palm Desert’s zoo. We decided to get there right when they opened so that way it wouldn’t be as hot out. When we got there it was 8am and it was already 87 degrees out. We started walking around and we both were getting attacked by fly’s, red ants and we kept walking into cob webs. We walked for about 5-10 minutes and we hadn’t really seem much, just birds. I was really started to think this zoo wasn’t as good as everyone kept saying it was. We came up to what was suppose to be an eagle but it wasn’t in the cage but then we saw a cougar and it did NOT like Matt. We walked by the glass and it ran and jumped up on the glass baring it teeth and swatting at him. I started screaming cause it scared the crap out of me. When I bent down she would just walk back and forth by me but as soon as Matt got near the glass she would try to attack him. It was hilarious!

We saw zebras, jaguars, camels and giraffes. When we first got into the zoo if we had gone right instead of left we could have fed the giraffes but by the time we walked all the way around the zoo and made it to them the feeding was over….bummer! By the time we got out of the zoo it was around 10am and it was almost 100 degrees so we were ready to head to the pool.

The hotel has 3 pools and we had only been to 1 so far so we decided to go to the big pool. There were a lot of people there but the pool was big enough to still have room to swim around. We were there for about 20 minutes and then a water soaked ball came flying across the water and hit Matt right in the face…he was so pissed. There were 2 kids about 14 years old whipping them back and forth across the pool and when he came over to get the ball he just laughed and swam away so Matt got out and went over to them to yell at em…and then he told the guys at the pool hoping to get them kicked out. We left right away and went to the second largest pool and that one was pretty full too but it had 2 pools in one location so one was more relaxed and with less people so we hung out there. Then after 20 minutes we went to the next one so we hit all 3 pools in one day. I could tell we were getting really dark and I wanted to take a break from the sun, so we went back to the room and cleaned up.

We went out to dinner, ate Buffalo Wild Wings….not a good experience. We got back to the room and noticed there were 2 or 3 crickets over by the fireplace. Matt killed them and then less than 5 minutes later he found one in the bathroom. I started to fall asleep on the couch but then quickly woke up to a loud slap noise. Matt was killing another cricket by the fireplace. He had a pile of them going, about 5 or 6 now. We called the hotel front desk to tell them about it and they said they would send up someone to spray around the doors to keep them out. When the guy came up he thought there was just one or two but when he saw we had a pile of almost 10 now he said we might have a bug problem in this room and asked if we wanted to move. He said no other guests had this problem and that if we wanted to stay in our hotel then they were probably going to have to fumigate or something and we would have to leave the room for a day so we just decided to move to a different room. Now at this point it was 10pm, I was in bed, almost asleep when Matt came in an told me we had to pack everything up and move. He was really mad and I was really annoyed that we had to do this so late and everyone knows how long it takes to pack everything back up again. So now we are in a corner room which is really nice. The room is actually better than our first one so as long as we don’t have any more problems then I’m fine with where we are now.

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