Vacation: Day 4 (Idyllwild)

Matt and I decided to make a schedule for the week. There are 4 things we wanted to do. 1. Living Desert 2. Knott’s waterpark 3. Aerial Tram 4. Day trip through mountains

We tried to plan them out a bit around the weather so we decided to go to a little town that was about an hour away. It was called Idyllwild, it was suppose to be a really pretty drive through the mountains. We packed up and headed out. Matt was really excited because most of the drive was twists and turns, me on the other hand….I was not excited, especially when I realized a lot of the turns didn’t have guard rails.

Half way up we saw what I believe is a Bull. It was just chilling by the road. He looked really pissed when I started taking pictures of him but thank god there was an electric fence between me and him. We also saw tones of HUGE pine cones on the side of the road, I had a really big one from my trip to Lake Tahoe a while back and Matt wanted to find a bigger one. We pulled over and found one bigger than Matt’s head. He cut his finger on one of the prickers and then got sap all over him too. I was smart I just held the top of it 🙂

When we got to the town we noticed it was really quiet, no one was really around and then we saw CLOSED on pretty much every shop. The only place that was opened was a little cafe so we went in to have coffee and kill some time. When we were walking by we saw that all the stores were open at 11am. It was only 9:30 so we decided to drive up the road more to see if we could find a trail to walk on or something. We found a couple pull off spots where you could see a really pretty view and take pictures. When we pulled over to one of them, Matt saw a huge rock across the street and wanted to climb up it. I told him to watch out for rattlesnakes and taranchulas…lol

After killing an hour or so we went back into town for lunch, we ate at this really cute place right in the middle of town. Had a very homey feeling to it. I got quiche and Matt got a breakfast bagel. We walked around town going into each store as we walked by. It was the cutest town I’d seen in a while. Matt bough a new hat…a fedora to be exact and some fresh beef jerkey. When we were walking around town I saw these two guys walking ahead of us, i could only see the back of them but I’m assuming they were twins. They were dressed exactly alike, same facial hair, same glasses, shoes, pants, shirt even their hair was the same length in a ponytail. Now this might not seem weird to have twins dressing alike but they were in their 50’s. An hour later we went into a really cute shop and we were talking to the owner and playing with his golden lab…I heard the door open and when I turned I saw the exact same guy that we were just talking to walk in and right at that moment Matt and I looked at each other and started to giggle. These were the two guys we had seen walking down the street earlier. It was even more creepy to see them in person dressed the same.

We decided to head back after a couple hours because we had pretty much seen the whole town and it’s was getting really hot out. The drive down was 10x more scary than the drive up. Half the time I just closed my eyes because I figured if I couldn’t see what was going on I couldn’t get too scared. There were a lot of turns with no guard rails where I could see that the drop was a few hundred feet….scary! We got a lot of really pretty pictures and I think we are going to plan another day trip to a different mountain.

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