Vacation: Day 3 (Palm Desert)

So today we are finally going to our main resort, the one we are staying at for a week. We got up at 6am like usual (not by choice). I went to workout this morning and this time Matt decided to go with me. While we were there a guy walked in and started using the weights. Now if he was at a Planet Fitness he would have been asked to leave. He kept dropping the weights when he was done, I don’t think he realized how loud it was because I could hear his music coming out of his headphones. He was also grunting and talking himself up, I kept laughing and Matt and I were making fun of him…”oh ya, I’m the shit. I have big muscles and I can lift a lot of weight…YAY!” LOL.

After the workout we decided to go to breakfast at the hotel before we headed out on the road. The restaurant was really really nice, almost too fancy….I felt self conscious sitting at the table. Matt got the buffet and I just stuck to a bagel with cream cheese and a yogurt.

We checked out of the hotel and headed to Palm Desert, which was about 2 hours away. Matt was loving the view on the way there, it was his first time on West Coast and really the first time seeing so many mountains.

The drive was pretty good other than a few crazy drivers. We saw a couple riding their own motorcycles (crotch rocket) and they were driving in between cars….picture two cars in their own lane, right next to each other and then 2 motorcycles driving in between them…on the line. They did this pretty much the whole time until they were out of view. We also saw a guy in a truck pop a tire. He was right next to us and when we heard the loud POP! he started swerving towards us and we realized his tire exploded. I was really freaked out cause Matt said…”oh it’s probably cause it’s so hot out and the air expanded” I’m thinking GREAT! are we next?

We got to the hotel at 11am but they said our room wasn’t ready so we decided to drive around and wait for their call. We went to Albertson’s Grocery store which I haven’t seen since I lived in Washington. We tried to kill as much time as possible…after 3 hours we headed back to find out what was going on and they said it still wasn’t ready. Matt asked if they could rush it since we were waiting for so long and she said “oh ya we will put you on our list so they can do it next” I’m thinking why the HELL didn’t they do that in the first place! but whatever we got our room and it was so big and so nice and the view was amazing that I didn’t even care about anything else. When we went out on the balcany we saw rabbits everywhere! at least 5 or 6…all different sizes too, so we decided they would be our pets for the week! We settled in, went for a swim and then called it a night!

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