Vacation :Day 2 (Dana Point)

We woke up this morning to a big comfy bed. I looked at the clock and it was 5:58am….UGH! I guess my body isn’t use to the time change yet. We decided to go for a morning walk, we passed the workout center and a really cute breakfast place called Einstein Bros. We walked down the boardwalk and found this crazy looking tree, Matt jumped up into it to get a picture and then realized there were hundreds of little tiny ants all over it. On the way back I worked out for 30 min and then stopped at the bagel place for breakfast. We headed up to the room after that, packed up and checked out.

We then drove for about 45 minutes to the next hotel. We stayed at a Marriott in Dana Point, CA. The hotel was so big and the GPS had us turn down a road that was suppose to be the entrance but ended up being the service entrance. Once we figured out how to get to the real entrance we paid for Valet and went to check in. The room was a bit smaller than the first one and we weren’t as high up but it was so beautiful and even better than the first one. We had a little bit of an ocean view and we had a pool view also.

We went down to the pool for a few hours, it was crazy…kids everywhere! They were cooking food, offering massages and even escorted us to our lounge chairs. The girl asked where we wanted to sit and then she set up our towels and umbrella. We rotated from chairs to pool to hot tub and then pool again. I couldn’t stay down there for too long because I was getting kicked and splashed every couple minutes from all the kids. A guy came over while we were in the hot tub and asked if I wanted my sunglasses cleaned and then another girl offered us pure aloe for our skin. It was definitely the nicest hotel I’ve ever been to.

We noticed there were a lot of little shops across the street so after we were done swimming we went over there for dinner. We had to go down about 1000 steps but at least we got our exercise in before and after dinner. We also got some ice cream after dinner that we ate as we walked back to the hotel. We saw so many rabbits at this place, while we were walking and every time I looked out a window I would see a rabbit. We pretty much just crashed when we got to our room….it was about 9:30pm but to us it was really 12:30!

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