Vacation :Day 1 (San Diego)

So the day started out at 5am. We had a really early flight, of course it felt like it took forever to finally get into San Diego. The San Diego airport was laid out kind of stupid. We had to walk forever, go outside and then wait for a shuttle to take us to the rental car location. Every airport I’ve ever been to the car rental desk was in the airport. When we got there they said we needed a credit card to put on file. Matt and I wanted to pay cash and the only credit card I had was pretty close to maxed out. They said they couldn’t give us a car without the credit card. I started to panic a bit but he said we could use our debit card as long as we understood that they would put a hold on the funds. The guy took us to pick out a car in the class we paid for. The only thing they had left was a P.T. Cruiser, Matt said to the guy “ I’m not driving a P.T Loser”. He hates that car so the only option we had was to pay more for the next size car. After an hour or so at Enterprise we finally headed out to our hotel.

When we arrived we paid for valet which was sweet, I’ve never done that before. When we got to the hotel, they said there was a mix up with the pre-payment, and I though….OMG not again, can we please just go to our room. After 30 minutes or so we finally got it sorted out and was able to go to our room. They told us they would also bring up some Champaign on the house for Matt’s birthday. The room was GEORGEOUS! It was so classy and pretty and we had an amazing view. We could see the bay and pretty much the entire layout of the hotel.

We went down to the pool for a quick dip but it only lasted about 5 minutes. We’ve been so use to the 85 degree weather with the 90% humidity that even with it still being 70-75 degrees in San Diego Matt and I were covered in goose bumps. We walked down the boardwalk and found this little fish and chips restaurant where we ate dinner, it was so homey feeling and cheap too. After that we just spent the rest of the night relaxing in the room. I really hope tomorrow is a nice sunny day with NO problems!

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