My 29th Birthday (Video)

The night started off with us going to a hibachi place that I LOVE. We got to have them throw rice balls and I ordered the filet mignon, it was amazing. Then CJ, Lisa and Matt proceeded to put my spare clothing, pants, shirt, sweater and the bag it was in over my face so that I couldn’t see where we were going next. After 3 roundabouts and a 15 minute drive later…we finally arrived. I bet they hated me cause I fought the entire time.

Matt carried me out of the car and I was smacking him cause my dress was riding up. I was taken up a huge flight of stairs that went to a bar right on the beach. It was so cool, I had never been to a place like that before. I walked in, and was handed a sex on the beach shot….disgusting!!! we stayed there for a couple hours and then went back to CJ and Lisa’s place to drink some more. It was definitely a fun night!

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