Movie Review: Unknown (2011)

A biochemist and his dishy wife arrive in Berlin for a conference at which a scientist and his controversial Arab funder will announce breakthrough research. While his wife checks into the hotel, he grabs a cab to return to the airport for his briefcase, left at the curb. En route, an auto accident puts him in a coma, from which he awakes four days later without identification and with gaps in his memory. He goes to the hotel: his wife refuses to recognize him and another man has claimed his identity. With help from a nurse, the cab driver, a retired Stasi agent, and an academic friend, he tries to unravel what’s going on. Is the answer in the briefcase? Released Date: February 18th 2011

Starring: Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger and January Jones

My Review:

The sound of this movie was very intriguing but it did remind me a bit of his recent movie “Taken”. The idea that he was possibly and assassin or worked for the CIA and was now going through clues trying to figure out what was going on is very similar to the movie “Taken”. The movie was good at keeping you confused as to what was going on and what was going to happen next. Finally at the end when you find out what is actually going on it makes you think..”oh, I get it now” which makes you want to watch it again so you can see all those little things you missed the first time. I will probably watch this once again but that’s about it. It was an okay movie but not great.

My Rating: C+

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