Movie Review: Robin Hood (2010)

In 13th century England, Robin and his band of marauders confront corruption in a local village and lead an uprising against the crown that will forever alter the balance of world power. And whether thief or hero, one man from humble beginnings will become an eternal symbol of freedom for his people.

Robin travels to Nottingham, where he falls for the spirited widow Lady Marion. Hoping to earn the hand of Maid Marion and salvage the village, Robin assembles a gang whose lethal mercenary and they begin preying on the indulgent upper class to correct injustices under the sheriff.
Release Date: May 14, 2010

Starring: Russell Crow, Cate Blanchett, Max von, William Hurt

MY REVIEW: Well it’s kind of hard to write a review on a movie you didn’t fully watch. Right away within the first 20 minutes I knew I wasn’t going to love this version of Robin Hood. I watch a lot of movies and I know when a movie is for me and when it isn’t. I didn’t like they way the story was told, it felt like another persons version of the story. For this movie coming out in 2010 they could have had a few more actions shots. I would have like to see more dramatic views from the camera showing him shooting the arrow or someone getting hit with the arrow….something to keep me interested. I literally fell asleep just after the second hour, I was bored and the movie just lost my interest completely. I’m sure some people will disagree and maybe the movie got a lot better at the end but I frankly am not about to watch it again just to see the ending.


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