Buying Our First Home…..Almost There

Well I just wanted to let everyone know what was going on with us and the house. We recently put an offer in on a house and they accepted. We were then waiting for the bank to give us our approval letter which after a month we finally got. On the first page of the letter it said “congratulations, you’ve been approved for a home mortgage loan” YAY!!! So we are approved and now I need to start packing and figuring out all the little details.

We should be able to sign the final closing papers within a week or so and then it’s all ours!

Matt and I are ready to move but not at the same time. We haven’t packed 1 thing yet because we didn’t know if we got the house for sure until a week ago so now we have to move our butts and pack, pack, pack!!!

The kids will go to a new school and a new daycare. We will be in a better neighborhood and have more room for everyone including the dogs! The best thing about the house is the location and the backyard, I’m so excited about all the room back there. So things are looking up for me and my family and I’m thinking positive and praying we don’t have any problems in the near future.

I’ll post pictures once we are 100% closed.

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