Last Day in Mexico! Boooo!!! Day 7

Today is the last day of our vacation and I’m so sad not because I don’t want to leave but mainly because I don’t want to go back to work. When I’m on vacation I feel like I’m retired or something but when I come back home it’s a big reality check. We decided to just hangout and relax and not really do anything. We went down to the pool around 10am and stayed there through lunch where I had a huge pile of guacamole and chips and Matt had chicken fingers and fries again. After another hour or so we got hungry again so we ordered cheese fries to take up to our room. We just stayed in the room until we had to go to dinner.

We decided to go to dinner all together, all 15 of us since it was our last day. We got there first and they said the restaurant was closed for the night and the only place you could eat was outside. Matt’s mom really didn’t want to eat outside because she was really hot and then they stared playing music really loud. It wasn’t from a CD player or anything, it was then playing all different types of instruments and it wasn’t very good either. For about 10 minutes the family kept going back and forth as to where they wanted to eat, I was staring to get a little annoyed cause I just wanted to eat and I didn’t care at the is point where we went. Half the family stayed at the hotel and Matt’s parents, sister and the two of us went to a place called Captains Cove.

We had to take a shuttle there and when we were pulling up I noticed it said “seafood bar and grill” so I knew right away they probably weren’t going to have anything other than seafood. Usually places like that have some chicken or steak, which I order since I don’t eat seafood. We looked at a menu and the only plate that had chicken was over $25 so I said I’m not eating here and Melissa, Matt’s sister was so mad because she doesn’t eat meat at all or seafood. Both of us realized that we couldn’t eat anything on the menu so we told them we were leaving. We had already been seated but I wasn’t going to sit and watch everyone else eat.

Matt, Melissa and I left and went across the street to The Mayan hotel that was a sister resort to ours so we could use our hotel key there too. I am so glad we did that because I ordered a Chicken Chimiganga, which I’ve never had before and it was the best Mexican food I think I’ve ever eaten in my life. Matt ordered their all you can eat fajita grill. He ate 12 fajitas and then said he was going to puke. He tries to get his money worth but ends up making himself feel sick. Once we were done we went out front to catch the shuttle but we had to wait for about 15 minutes so Matt started recording everything around him, he had me go up and down a clear elevator so he could take pictures and then he started recording a guy picking his nose. Finally the shuttle came and it was funny cause we could see someone waving at us from the bus and when we got on we saw the rest of Matt’s family. They had finished at the same time as us and caught the shuttle before us.

We decided after an hour to go swimming since we hadn’t gone night swimming yet. The water was nice but it was actually kind of cold outside so we only stayed in for 20 minutes or so. Then we just went to bed and that was it….vacation over! 😦

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