Stingray for my BDAY!…..6th Day in Mexico

Today we had another tour planned out to go to a little island called Contoy. There we went to see 900 different types of birds and other island creatures. We got up really early and went to catch the public bus to the location for the trip. Once we got there we had to wait. They told us that we HAD to be there by 8:30am which we did but then they didn’t even leave till almost an hour later. We all got on this big boat with two levels that was going to take us to the island. We were the last ones to get on so of course everyone took the bottom level and we were stuck in the sun. The guy started talking about what we were going to do and I swore I heard him say something about 1 1/2 hours. I asked Matt and he said “yeah the boat ride is 1 1/2 hours long” I almost shit my pants, I’m not good on boats like this for a long time. I started to panic a bit because it was too late we had just left the dock and there was no turning back. I tried to just pretend like I wasn’t going to get sick and then maybe I wouldn’t.

It was a really pretty boat ride, we got a lot of nice pictures and I took my tank top off and figured if I have to be up here in the sun for over an hour I might as well get a tan. I was so paranoid about getting burned again that I swear over the course of the day I must have put on at least 6 or 7 coats of sunscreen. After about 45 minutes I really wanted to get off the boat, I wanted the rocking to stop. We were out really far and the waves were starting to get really big, like probably 10- 15 feet high. It was up…down….up…..down!!! OMG I put my head down cause I started to feel nautious and I was regretting taking this stupid trip.

As we were going along all of a sudden they stopped the boat completely and the guide started pointing and saying something in Spanish, everyone went to the one side of the boat and started snapping pictures. I got up even though I felt sick still and I saw 2 turtles in the water, the guy said they were mating and the male was on top of the female. It was kind of cute they were just floating along together in the water. We took a few pictures and then continued on.

Once we got to the island the guide said “maybe we’ll see Samantha, my beautiful AMORE!!” he was talking about a huge stingray that likes to hang out along the beaches. She is always around because they feed her every time they come to shore so now she knows to stay close so she can be fed…lol We were told to gather so we could begin the tour. I was excited to see all the wildlife but as we started walking we literally walked about 20 yards and stopped and looked over a cliff. He then turned around, walked back the way we came and went 20 more yards on the other side to some dock with swampy looking area. He told us a few things about the island but then said “ok let’s go back to the main entrance” I was thinking are you freaking kidding me? that’s it!! We didn’t get to go snorkeling because the water was too rough and that was all I got for a tour of the island. I feel sea sick and I know I have to go back on the boat so it doesn’t really seem worth it right now.

We came to a big covered patio with about 20 picnic tables and the beach right in front of us so I was glad I was going to at least be able to go swimming. He said you’ll have about an hour to do whatever you want and then we’ll eat lunch. Matt and I grabbed our snorkeling gear and went into the water and right as we got to the water he said don’t go any farther than 20 feet because in the algae and all the green plants underwater lived barracuda and stingrays. So good…we can’t do that either. We just put the goggles on and looked at the little fish we could see. We swam for about 30 minutes and started to get out cause they called for lunch.

The guide came running over to the table just as we got out and said “come…come…Samantha my Amore is here” He grabbed a huge chunk of fish off the table and ran over to the water so I followed him. It was a huge stingray in the water and he said it was ok to touch her but stay far away from the tail….no shit buddy! He gave a few people some food to feed her and I put my hand down a few times to touch her. The top felt just like touching sand in the water and the bottom of her was so silky and smooth. It was the weirdest thing to see this stingray act like a dog or something. She kept coming up to people and rubbing up on their feet and legs and if you bent down to touch her she would stop moving, like she like to be touched and rubbed. Matt said not to touch her but when in my life will I ever get to touch a stingray in its own element, out in the wild and not at an aquarium…so hell yes I was going to touch it. She hung out under some sand for the rest of the hour that we were there

We ate the lunch they gave us which felt like real Mexican food, it was so freaking good I wish I could have taken some of it home. We had chicken mixed with onions and peppers but it had some spices on it but I don’t know what it was…..GOOD is what it was! We also had rice and bread and they had lasagna and some type of fish but I don’t eat fish so I don’t know what it was. After an hour he said “ok time to go, everyone get your stuff and meet on the boat” I wanted to make sure that we were one of the first so that we could get the bottom this time. I was really nervous because I didn’t want to get sick after eating all that good food.

We sat on the bottom and I left enough room beside me so I could lay down if I wanted. Matt asked him for a SOL and started guzzling it. The ride didn’t seem that bad on the bottom as it was on the top but I still lied down on Matt’s lap and tried to fall asleep. After a while I woke up and I saw the shore so I was happy it was almost over. Matt was acting like he was drunk and his sister told me he was on his 4th SOL. Do you know how big those are? there are 3 beers in one of them so he had drunk 12 beers in a little over an hour. was so funny!

We had to take the public bus back and Matt was so embarrassing, he kept singing “feliz navidad” which is Merry Christmas not Happy Birthday. He kept talking so loud and he yelled “it’s her birthday….today is her birthday” I wanted to kill him but everyone was ignoring him anyways. We came back to the hotel so we could shower and get ready to go out for dinner with everyone for my birthday. When we came back we couldn’t find Matt’s parents and when I called the other family they said they already went to dinner, so………….. I guess we’re going out alone. It was fine though cause Matt and I got to have dinner by ourselves.

First thing he did when we sat down was say “it’s her birthday today” so now I know there is going to be a song and possibly and embarrassing hat or something. While we were sitting down I felt like I was moving, like I was rocking back and forth…I still felt like I was on the boat…damit!! lol After we ate they started to gather, all the waiters. I saw a cake and thought SHIT here it comes! They walked over and started singing to me. My plate said Happy Birthday Kristin. They actually spelled it right too!! Then he said “please stand up” and the 5 waiters proceeded to give me hugs and after the 5th one the first one came again and he said “it’s a Mexican tradition to give 2 hugs” so we all hugged again…lol it was so funny and of course Matt was laughing his ass off. After all that I felt really sick, like sea-sick again. I kept feeling like I was spinning around so we just went to bed right after dinner. Overall not a great day but I did get to touch a stingray so that made it worth it.

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