Best Day So Far! Zip Lines….5th Day in Mexico

Today is the 5th day of our vacation and it was one of the best days because we went on a zip line and swimming in a little Cenote which is a cave with fresh water. We got up pretty early but I decided to just stay inside until we had to leave because I am still sunburned from yesterday. Around 12pm we had to leave to catch the shuttle to the location for the zip line. The driver was horrible, he was whipping around corners and would speed way past the speed limit and then as soon as a speed bump came along he slammed on the breaks. It was like that for almost an hour, I started to get car sick.

When we finally got there we all came into the main area under a big hut. They started getting us all hooked up with harnesses and then we walked down a trail where they were explaining how to go down the zip lines. All the instructors were young guys and they all seemed to look like different nationalities but they all spoke Spanish and had thick accents. They all had crazy nicknames on their shirts like “Loco”, “Jungleboy” and one named “Pelon”. They took us up the first one and it was a circular staircase on the side of a tree that was probably 40 feet up. I started to get nervous but once they hooked me up and I started to go I realized it wasn’t really that fast at all.

After the first ride I didn’t even really use the break at all, to break you just close your hand on the rope behind you with the glove they gave us. I loved going really fast so I only started breaking when I came to the next tree so I could stop. On the 5th tree they asked who wanted to go upside down and I said no along with a few others. I watched one girl go and she was freaking out, wouldn’t let her arms hang down and was trying to hold the instructor. Everyone else went solo and then Matt said he wanted to go upside down so they hooked him up, he let his arms hang down and they took off. It looked really scary. There was only one instructor left on the platform named “Pelon” and then just me, Matt’s dad and Matt’s uncle so he asked if I wanted to go with him and I said “no, I’m good but thanks” he came really close, pulled his sunglasses down and said “lets go…you’re going with me now! Upside down!” so I just kind of went uhhh….ummm….ok!

I’m glad he made me go cause it was a lot of fun. They had me hook up to the line, then fall back and let my arms hang down. The harness pulled really tight on my legs and I kind of felt like I was going to fall out of it but I trusted the equipment and the instructor. He started spinning me really fast around as we were going down but it was fun and I’m glad I did it! Then as we came to the last zip line I was about 10 feet from the end and I felt my foot hit something and as I looked down one of the instructors was holding his head saying “oh…ouch…my head” I kicked him in the head as I came to the last platform. His helmet was on the ground and Matt kept saying “you kicked him in the head!” Then they all started laughing because he had taken off his helmet and held it up in the air so my foot would hit it. Then he pretended that I kicked him. They said I looked really scared and panicked….ha ha! Funny!

The next thing we did was get into an old army truck that had two sections for everyone to sit and take us to the Cenote. It was the worst ride every. It took about 15 minutes and it was so bumpy because there were so many holes in the road. By the time we got there I was so hot and sweaty from the first part of the day so I was glad to get into the water. It was a little cave filled with fresh water and they had a mini zip line that you could go on to drop into the water or you could just jump off the side. Then there was a rope in the middle so you didn’t have to try to tread water, you could just hold onto it. Matt tried to do a canon ball but he rolled backwards and ended up right on his back. Everyone did a simultaneous “ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!” I jumped 4 or 5 times and Matt did about the same but he went backwards once. The water was so warm and refreshing to not have chlorine or salt water. After a half hour or so we all got back in that stupid truck and headed back. We bought a picture of us on the zip line and then went back to the hotel. It was one of the most fun days I’ve ever had and if we come back here I want to do that tour again for sure.

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