The Day of the Sunburn!!…..Day 4 in Mexico

Day 4 isn’t looking so good for me and Matt. The day started out good, we got up and ate breakfast in our room and then went down to the pool around 10 or so and stayed down there till almost 2 in the afternoon. We ordered some food at the bar that is right in the pool, chicken fingers and they were oh so good. We tested out our new waterproof bag for my camera. I was keeping my fingers crossed that it worked and I wouldn’t have a ruined camera. We took some cute pictures and a bunch of videos too! While we were down there I kept putting sunscreen on about every hour and putting it on my face each time I got out of the pool. I started to feel kind of hot so I told Matt that I was ready to get out and go upstairs.

When I got up to the room I noticed that I got a little pink again, which is fine as long as it’s not a burn. We decided to go out for dinner since we have been buying groceries and eating them in our room. It was a nice change and hell we are on vacation. While I was getting ready I noticed that the pink color on my skin was getting a little more pink but I put aloe on and just got ready. When we got back from dinner we all watched the rest of Shutter Island and I went to scratch my leg and O..M..G!!! it started to burn so bad! I got up and went into the bathroom to look and my skin which was just a dark pink but now was a full blown sunburn…ahhhhhh!!! Noooo!!!! I don’t want to have a sunburn!! Not me!!

Now I’m freaking out because we are going zip lining tomorrow and they put straps all over you, on your shoulders and your legs.  I started putting aloe on everywhere, and then as soon as it dried I put more on. I was so sticky by the end of the night from putting about 10 layers of aloe all over my body. I am hoping that I’m a fast healer and it will not be soar tomorrow. GOD…please don’t let me be soar tomorrow!!!!

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