The Sun Comes Out….Day 3 in Cancun

Today is Monday and it’s our 3rd day in Cancun Mexico. FINALLY the sun came out to play! I woke up this morning and opened our triple layered curtains and saw the beautiful sun peaking out behind a few clouds. It was still damn windy out but at least the sun was out. Maybe tomorrow it will be sunny and less windy…both at the same time…what a concept! lol

Melissa (matt’s sister) and I got up and went to the morning Yoga class. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’ve never taken a Yoga class before. The instructor came in and she was this tiny little thing that spoke very little English but seemed to know what she was doing. There was a few poses that I was having trouble with because my balance is off and my muscles were shaking. The hour went by really fast and I was a sticky and sweaty but I was nice and relaxed.

Matt and I went down to the pool for the first time since we’ve been here and I made sure that we all put on a lot of suntan lotion and in every inch of my body. We swam for a bit and I tried out my waterproof bag for my camera. I was kind of scared because it’s my nice camera and I’m trusting that this stupid bag does work and won’t get my camera wet. It seemed to work pretty good, we got some video and pictures of us underwater. We went down to the beach too and walked around a bit and picked up shells.

We got a free lunch from the hotel but we also had to sit and talk with them about the timeshare options but whatever it was a free lunch. It took forever to order and eat because there were 15 of us at the table so I stuffed my face with chips and salsa and then there was also a salad and soup bar. When I got back from lunch I realized that I did get a lot of sun just for only being out for an hour. The edges of my bathing suit and my face are a pink color but at least it’s not burned!

We ended up just getting food at the restaurant to take up to our room, I got nachos and Matt got chicken fingers. We started to watch Shutter Island but Matt and his dad both fell asleep within the first 10 minutes so we all went to bed except Ken, (Matt’s dad) he started to wake up and finished watching the movie. Another good day in Mexico!

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