On a Rainy Day, You Shop!…..Day 2 in Mexico

Day 2 in Mexico was a little better than yesterday. Since we went to bed so early last night we all woke up at 6:30 this morning. Melissa and I decided to go for a run on the beach since we were up so early. I talked her into running barefoot, I said it will be like getting a pedicure cause the sand makes your feet really soft. We ran for an hour and by the time we got back Melissa had a blister on her big toe and I hurt the side of my foot. So I guess we won’t run like that again..lol

We ended up going to the welcome party they had that told us all about what we could do while we’re here and what to look out for and things of that nature. It was kind of boring but they did say some things about the locals and safety stuff that I’m glad I listened to. Once we got back we thought we would go shopping since it wasn’t the greatest day out, it was still rainy and cloudy.

We walked to one little plaza but didn’t really find anything there so we took the bus that had 100 people on it and cost 7 pesos. We were only on the stupid thing for literally 60 seconds but it was better than walking the 1.5 mile that would have taken half hour. I found a lot of stuff there, a cute little change purse that I can use for all my Mexican Pesos and then normal money when I get home. I got a couple souvenirs for some family members and little t-shirts for my kids.

When we got back we were all sticky so we went for a swim in the huge pool that they have in the middle of the hotel. It was cool because it had a bar right in the pool that you could swim up to and drink and eat. We ordered some chicken fingers and they were really good. Everyone started drinking one after another, we had a good time but it started getting a bit rowdy. They kept looking at us so I cut myself off for the day. We all kept joking around with each other, Melissa and I kept calling matt “hijo” which is Spanish for son and is pronounced “a..ho” but to us it sounds like “a hole”. There was a piece of a palm tree that was floating in the water so for a half hour we took turns putting it someone while they weren’t looking. Oh the stupid things you do when you’re buzzed or in some peoples cased DRUNK.

Matt and I stayed in the hotel room for the rest of the night while everyone else went up to the seventh floor where the rest of the family was staying. Today it was still kind of cold and really windy but I’m hoping by tomorrow it will be better and maybe even get the damn sun to show it’s face!

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