First day in Cancun, Mexico

It’s our first official day in Mexico!!! Yay! Oh wait, it says Cancun but doesn’t look like it. There is a little thing called Hurricane Alex that is passing through us. My first day ever in Mexico and it’s windy and rainy and NOT sunny….boo!! they said that it is suppose to pass us and go over by Texas so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the next couple days get better and more sunny.

When we first left for the airport we left at 4 in the morning and the night before I was so excited that I didn’t go to bed until 1 in the morning the night before so I was really really tired. We got through security and right on the plane with no problem. The flights were really good, no turbulence at all. When we got on the first flight Matt, Melissa and I were all sitting right next to each other but the seats said A, C and D so I asked the guy at the counter and he said that there was no B seat. As we walked down the corridor I said to Matt…..”It always goes A..B..C!” and then all of a sudden we heard a voice behind us yell…”Not on this” when we turned around it was the guy at the counter. LOL

We had one lady that wouldn’t sit down behind us and she almost delayed the flight because she was too large to sit in the seat but she didn’t buy an extra seat so she refused to sit down. Finally the convinced another passenger to move and they gave her a free round trip ticket. We also saw a couple eating corn on the cob over their lap with a bag to catch all the falling pieces but I walked by and said “omg..they’re eating cob on the corn on the plane” Matt and Melissa made fun of me…ha freaking ha! One of the flight attendants came on the intercom right before we were about to land and she said “we’re about to land in Mexico so I want you to all say Hola” so we all said it and then she said “now you’ve just learned your first Mexican word” I thought to myself, Mexican word? does she mean first Spanish word…

When we finally got to the hotel, it was right on the water and was really big. The room was really nice and the best part…the ocean is our view…the whole beach is right in front of us, it’s so beautiful. We have a big veranda that we can go sit and have coffee in the morning. I hope I get to enjoy it without getting soaked.

We went out to dinner once we settled in and there was a lady in her late 40’s early 50’s that was fake from head to toe sitting with 2 guys and she was drunk off her ass. She was yelling and laughing and making so much damn noise that I was about to say something but no one wanted me to so I just tried to ignore her. Every 2 minutes she was tossing out F bombs and acting like a total idiot. I ran into her again 30 minutes later at the mini grocery store the hotel has. I hope this isn’t going to be a constant thing.

We got back and all passed out by 8 at night, best sleep I’ve had in a while. Having fun so far, hope the sun comes out to play!

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