First Time Home Buyers- Looking At Houses (Day 3)

First Time Home Buyers
Looking At Houses

Looking at Houses- Day 3


We had a bunch to look at today but we decided that we really like the first house from the last time, the one that we could fix up and make money off of that had a deck in the back. We decided that after today we would make an offer on a house. If we didn’t find any others that we liked better than that house then we would make an offer on that one. So we began…..


The first house was the one we didn’t get to see last time because he forgot his key. This house is one house away from the start of a park so that right away made it appealing. We noticed right away that the roof would need to be replaced and that there were HUGE trees right next to the house and garage which could be a huge problem. The inside was ehhh…ok, it was really outdated and would need a lot of work. Too many negatives so we passed on this one


Next….we looked at house in a really good neighborhood that had a pool…ahhh POOL!! I was excited already. We pulled up and it was so cute, great looking house but errrr….where is the driveway? oh there is not driveway, just a little spot at the back of the house to park. We started getting a bad feeling and it continued into the house. It had a very strange layout and the rooms upstairs were only about 3 inches above Matt’s head. He looked at me and shook his head so I knew this house was out of the running.


The 3rd house I was excited about cause it had a big property listed. As we drove up it seemed nice, in a good area and the neighbors seemed good too. While we were walking through we noticed another person looking at it and also the whole family was there too. The son was actually using the computer and the mom was outside suntanning…it was so weird. The house was dirty and had a funny smell. They need to read up on how to make your house presentable especially to people who are potential buyers….YUCK!! Next!


At this point I’m ready to just end the day and put an offer in on the house we like but we had 2 more to look at. The next one had to be the worst out of all the houses we looked at. An old couple lived there and possibly died there cause it was so dirty and banged up, from the walls to the carpet to omg…everything. The layout was so weird too and it looked like they bought the house and then never did anything with it. I was so ready to leave cause I was getting a creepy feeling from that place.


The last one wasn’t on our list and I really didn’t feel like looking at it cause the day felt like a bust but the sellers Realtor called our Realtor and asked if she would show it to us cause I guess he wasn’t having luck selling it. We drove over and as we did I looked at some info about it. The house is 5,000 over our budget and the taxes are so so high. I was expecting to just go really fast through it to get it over with so we could go home. But…….


We pulled up and I got a warm good feeling and I was pleasantly surprised. I saw a cute green house. It was really cute and as we walked to the back yard I was shocked to see how freaking big the yard was, the biggest we’ve seen so far. It has a large breezeway and it seemed like a newer home. When we walked in there was a sign saying “new carpet, please remove shoes” -that’s a good sign-

Everything had been painted white and all new carpet and flooring in the whole house. Each room seemed better and better as we went through the house, with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. I was starting to get really excited, the master is on the bottom floor right next to the bathroom, their is a formal dining room right off the kitchen too. The upstairs was cute also, a very large room a the end of the hall and then another bedroom and a bathroom too. Every room in the house was in great condition, other than the 2 bathrooms were a big outdated but that can easily be fixed. I loved this house…loved it! Matt kept taking about it too. The only problem we found was that the house had electric heat instead of gas heat. That is very expensive especially in the winter. We would change that right away though. After talking about it at home we decided that this is the one! YAY!!!


We are going in tomorrow to put in our offer!

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