First Time Home Buyers- Looking At Houses (Day 2)

First Time Home Buyers
Our Journey

Looking At Houses- Day 2


This time when we got ready to look we had a better idea as to what we were looking for. We realized that even though we like the quiet of living far away, it was just simply too far away. We narrowed our search to smaller size yard so we would have more choices. We looked in specific counties so my kids would have a good education and and grow up in a nicer neighborhood.


The first house we looked at was promising. It was just 5 miles down the road from where we are now but it was a different school district and it was in a much nicer area. Right away I got a good vibe, and I think that is important. You should always go with your gut feeling and mine was feeling nice and warm. The house was not in great condition but it was in good condition. It was a place where we could fix it up and make some money. It had good size rooms and a decent yard and there was a lot of room to make it suitable for our family. I like this one the best out of all so far.


The next house was in the best condition inside and out that we have seen so far. The kitchen and bathroom have been completley re-done. The yard was a really nice size and it was all landscaped. It was actually a cheap price too but we found out why right away. It was located right next to a big parking lot and across from a huge corporation with lots of connected buildings. It was not really in a “neighborhood” it was more like a house in the middle of the “city”. I loved this house though so now it’s hard cause it’s a great house but can we deal with the location? I just found out too that the city school district would be “city” schools. Now the house is a big NO! too’s so cute


The 3rd house we looked at was a no right away, it wasn’t a house we had on our list but our Realtor wanted us to see it. I felt bad but the owner went outside while we looked at it and Matt and I both knew we weren’t going to get the house so we just walked through in like 5 minutes and then left. I didn’t take any pics either


The 4th house was really nice from the looks of it online but as soon as we pulled up there was the biggest white trash family next door. They were out on their lawn yelling at each other and trying to sun bathe I guess if that’s what you’d call it. I think I saw a mullet too. LOL

The garage was leaning sideways and the layout was horrible. We also walked quickly through this one too. On our way out my daughter fell down their stairs because the first step was twice as steep as all the others. Thank god she fell on her butt and not face forward. She has a huge bruise on her back now though…STUPID HOUSE!


The Last house looked nice, it was by a park but when we got there they hadn’t left a key…so we didn’t get to see it

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