First Time Home Buyers- Looking At Houses

First Time Home Buyers

Our Journey
Looking At Houses

We started our journey by finding a good Realtor. We luckily went with someone that my boyfriends sister already used and really liked. We sent in our requirements and all the important things that the house must have. From there she started e-mailing us properties that we could look at. We started to go through them and weeding out all the bad ones or the ones that didn’t suit us. Today we found 4 properties that we really like. Three are far away and the last was close to where we are now.

The first houses we looked at…..
I was really excited to see the first house cause it had a lot of land and it was on a quiet street. When we got there no one was home and already I got nervous. As soon as we walked in I could tell that the house was going to need a lot of work. Walking through the floors were moving and squeaking, everything was old and dirty. We could tell it wasn’t going to work at all.

The next one was great, most of the rooms had been re-done and the layout was nice. Matt loved the garage cause it had two floors and it was huge. It also had a mud room which would be nice to have with dogs. Then we got upstairs and it all went downhill. The bathroom was crammed with a standing shower and then a tub on the other side. The bedroom had one baby closet and the walls were only 4 inches taller than Matt. There was a lot we like but too many things we didn’t like.

House #3 was and almost immediate no for me as soon as we drove up. It had a cool long driveway that went all the way around the house but the inside was trashed. It was a big big money pit. There is no way I was moving in there. Matt was thinking about it cause he wanted to be able to make some money but we didn’t even have enough to start fixing this one.

The final house was the most promising. It was very cute on first arrival and it had a huge yard. The back was even separated with a chain link fence to divide the dogs from the kids. As we went through the house I loved it even more. Every room was in great condition, the layout was perfect for us and the kitchen and bathroom were updated. The hallway was a little skinny which Matt really doesn’t like. I think I like the house a lot more than he does but so far it is the front runner. We started talking about what we could do if we owned it, walls we would take down and rooms we would change. I’m starting to get excited!! We are going to look at more houses next week too.

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