We found Bella today. I was getting ready to go shopping for our thanksgiving food and I got a call from a guy asking me for Mr. Walters, I told him he had the wrong number and almost hung up. He then said “oh maybe I read the sign wrong, did you loose your dog?” I told him yes and he said he found a female black lab about a week ago and he thought it was the one he saw on our flyer. I got all anxious and nervous and excited at the same time. Did he find her? I called Matt and gave him the guys number and told him to call and go see if it was her cause I was 20 minutes away. The guy said he owns a store and lives above it and she ran into his store when he opened the shop up the day she ran away. He doesn’t leave the house often so he didn’t’ know that we were looking for her. A customer had told him about the flyer and showed him a picture. Matt called me about 20 minutes later and said it was her and he had her in the truck, I started to tear up because I had not given up but started trying to face the fact that we were probably never going to see her again and trying to think realistic. When I heard that we got her back I was in shock, we actually found her, she was actually home. It was the longest week ever but once she was home it was like she was never gone to begin with. When the kids saw her they just said “hey Bella’s back, hi Bella” and then went on playing. I don’t think they understood what was really going on and I think they just thought she was away for a while but I’m glad they didn’t fully understand because I was never forced to hold them crying and explain why she wasn’t coming back.


The very next day we called everyone and we went and made dog tags for both of them and now they wear them at all times. We’re so happy that she’s back and also more cautious. We learned a big lesson and I’m a lot more relaxed now.

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