Our Puppy Has Ear Mites

I think our puppy Bella has ear mites, she started shaking and scratching her head a lot over the last couple days. I just looked in her ear and it’s all red and now the tips are getting swollen which means she now probably has Ear Hematoma’s too. We had to tape up her head last night to stop her from shaking and making it worse so that we can take her to the vet hospital. She’s looks so cute and stupid at the same time.

Signs and symptoms

Ear mites are pesky little insects that can infect your dog. They are external parasites and will live on the body and in the ears of canines, although they most frequently infect the ears. The type of ear mite that most commonly affects dogs is classified as otodectes cynotis and is similar to a tiny tick. Dogs who are unfortunately infected by these troublesome insects usually display obvious signs and symptoms. The most common behavior exhibited by canines with ear mites is shaking of the ears and head. Dogs may also scratch at their ears and try to rub them with their paws, on the ground, or against an object. Afflicted animals behave in this way because the ear mites cause severe itching.


Dog ear mites are relatively easy for a veterinarian to diagnose. However, it’s very important to you do not try to diagnose and treat this condition yourself. The symptoms commonly caused by ear mites, including discomfort and discharge, can also be caused by other types of ear infections. Trying to treat your pet’s ear infection with the wrong kind of medication will not only prolong your dog’s discomfort, it can actually make things worse. Therefore, if you believe that your dog might be suffering from an ear infection of some type or another, be sure to take your pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

In order to make a diagnosis of ear mites, a veterinarian will examine a sample of the dark discharge of earwax and blood to check for the presence of mites and eggs. This is quite simple to do and often only requires the use of a lighted otoscope. The light from this tool attracts the mites, which will then emerge from the wax and move around. The otoscope itself magnifies the insects and makes them easier to see. If mites are not visible with the use of a lighted otoscope, an examination can then be carried out under a microscope. A low-power magnification will reveal any mites that are present.


There are several products available to treat your dog’s ear mites and to reduce your pet’s discomfort. Conventional treatments involve the use of certain drugs, either by prescription or those that are freely available. There are several over-the-counter medications which will kill ear mites, including medications used for killing ticks and fleas. Many of these pharmaceuticals contain insecticides which will not kill the mites’ incubating eggs. Therefore, such treatments must continue for at least three or four weeks in order to get rid of all of the insects. Other medications used to combat ear mites include antibiotics, which also need to be used for at least ten to fourteen days.

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