Puppy Training

My boyfriend and I got a puppy a few months ago and even though she is doing so good with training we are still having some problems with her going to the bathroom in the house. I’m not sure what to do because I’ve gone to a few different sites and some say one thing and some say something totally different. I can’t remember how I potty trained my other dog cause that was 6 years ago. Right now we’re working on saying “OUTSIDE” and “GO POTTY” once she’s outside and that seems to work so I guess we’ll just have to wait and keep repeating it.

Here’s what a few websites said:

“Training and Praise-When I teach a new dog (or puppy) where to go potty, I ALWAYS use a leash since they’re easily distracted. If you are near the puppy (or dog) with the leash in hand, a gentle tug will redirect away from the curiosity. Leashes are also good to help teach an AREA to go potty (behind the garage, etc.). With a leash, you just take the dog there every time. I also teach words for going potty. This way, when the puppy understands what the words mean, he will understand WHAT I want as well as WHEN I want it to happen. My words are “go potty” for urination and “go poop” for defecation. Your choice can be ANY word or phrase you want to use consistently (such as, “hurry up”, “do your business”, “get busy”, “let’s go”, “tinkles”, etc.). Remember when you choose your word or phrase that you will be repeating it A LOT! As I take my dog outside on a leash, I start to teach him the word “OUTSIDE”. “Let’s go OUTSIDE!”. “Do you have to go “OUTSIDE”? “OUTSIDE! OUTSIDE!” In time, the dog will learn that the word OUTSIDE is associated with elimination. Eventually you will be able to ask the dog “do you have to go OUTSIDE?” and get a response like barking, running to the door or tail wagging.”

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